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Teaching Family and Friends the  Skillset  and the Mindset  to support Recovery from Mental Illness and Addictions while being Encouraged and Inspired.

Finding Peace in Your Family:  Family Skills Group (DBT, CBT and MI informed skills

What  makes a family "healthy"? What gets in the way? How can we promote constructive conflict, understanding, support and validation to create peace in our families? Learn how people transact in healthy relationships Experience the two-step of healthy relationships Practice the steps to the restore the dance when stuff get in the way. This group is held live in Ottawa for a total of 6 weeks. Call or email today to apply for your spot. Space is limited to a maximum of 15 people.  Facilitator: Catherine Corey 



     How to Cope with Crisis   How to Deal with Barriers to Communication

     How to Navigate the Addiction and Mental Health Maze

     How to Support Well Being and Recovery 

NEW!!  Straight Spouse Peer Support Circle. Is your partner or spouse  in transition around their sexual orientation or gender identity? 

Please join us for a new peer support circle.  Together we can talk, share stories, listen and find support. 

For more info call 1-800-532-4184 or email: straightspouse@recoveryacademy.ca

Family Navigators (PLEO)   Parents Lifeline of Eastern Ontario.  We are here to help you navigate the system and to understand what service options might be available to you in the community. And because we ourselves are all parents who have supported our own child through the mental health system, we do understand what you are going through.

613-321-3211 or 1-855-775-7005

Family Peer Support Team (PSO)

For friends and family of people experiencing mental health challenges. No registration required. This is an ongoing weekly drop in family support group. The atmosphere is very relaxing, supportive and non-judgmental. 

Every second week we offer various discussion topics such as communication strategies, boundaries, codependency, letting go of control etc.  

Join us for a cup of coffee, snack, sense of community, companionship and support.




Mental Health Continuum Model-  Healthy to Ill 


Anxiety Disorders

Mood Disorders

Psychotic Disorders 

Dual Diagnosis

Concurrent Diagnosis 

Privacy Issues and Disclosure of Personal Health Information 

Suicide Prevention 


  Financial Supports



Join us for a free webinar to introduce your to  what Mindfulness is and how you can embrace some simple concepts  into your life right now to experience increased levels of calmness, peace and motivation to do the things you know will bring you success. Living with mindfulness in your life is much simpler than you may believe!