The Recovery Academy delivers an educational rather than a therapeutic approach; not treating you but teaching you. Helping people recognize and develop their personal resourcefulness in order to become experts in their own self care, make informed choices about the assistance they need to do this, and do the things they want in life. 



Recovery has a different meaning to different people. When we use the term we mean having the ability to live a satisfying and meaningful life, whether or not there continue to be difficulties with mental health and/or addictions. Three key elements in the narrative of people are hope, agency and opportunity. 
Hope is central to recovery.  If you are unable to see the possibility of a future, why would you want to learn new skills or find new resources.
Agency refers to the gaining of a sense of control.  Individuals take control of their difficulties, services and lives.
Opportunity to understand and tell your own recovery story and to join us in using your lived experience to inform learning for other families.