Recovery Academy Facilitators

Don McMullin C.S.W Facilitator

"Information without context or concept is just words"

I offer my knowledge accumulated through personal experience, education and trainings.

My own journey has brought me to where I am today; from my knees to offering my experience to help others manage and overcome their challenges to live the best life they can. 

My attraction to the Recovery Academy was instant upon reading the description. Combining the theory and medical model of recovery from mental illness and addiction with the expertise of lived experience is a powerful tool in my opinion.  Explanations that people can relate to in their own lives; without the filler of acronyms and seven syllable words that mean nothing to most people.

I like the idea of shifting some of the focus from the person with the illness to those who have to deal with, coach, support and bear a great part of the brunt of the illness.

One of the many key components to recovery and management of illness is information, especially when a loved one is newly diagnosed.

The Recovery Academy offers an opportunity to caregivers and supporters a chance to get information and tips they can use and see tangible results, in a safe non-judgmental environment from those with a combination of lived experience and formal education.

The group format of the Academy sessions can also help you realize you are not alone as you will often hear your own story from others.

The nature of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse is deeply personal and has far reaching effects.

My personal motto is “Information can be therapeutic”. when delivered properly.